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Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor and Keynote Speaker
Partner at Nexxworks

Peter Hinssen is a sought-after speaker on topics such as radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He is an acclaimed author of three bestselling business books: The Network Always Wins (2014), The New Normal (2010), and The Day After Tomorrow (2017). Hinssen is frequently asked to contribute to (international) publications, is a Forbes contributor and a LinkedIn Influencer.

Hinssen has worked on and given numerous keynote speeches around the world, including Google Think Performance, Nimbus Ninety, Gartner, NEXT Berlin, Tedx, PayPal, MasterCard, Microsoft, CIO City, SAS, Accenture and Apple. He is also a multiple board advisor on subjects related to innovation and technology.

For more than fifteen years, Hinssen has led a life of creating and selling technology start-ups. His current company, Nexxworks, helps organisations become fluid, innovate and thrive in The Day After Tomorrow.

About The TALK

The Day After Tomorrow

Hinssen will talk about an exponentially changing world and its consequences for the organisations of today. He will introduce those pioneers who managed to move (way) beyond tomorrow’s thinking with regard to innovation and are able to change the course of entire industries. He will focus on the business models, the organisational structures, the talent, the mindset, the technologies and the culture needed to maximise our chances for survival in The Day After Tomorrow.

To quote Hinssen: “Most of us focus on today: on the meetings we will be having, the e-mails we will respond to, the price offers we need to send out while deadlines are breathing down our neck. And we should. Today is what pays our bills. We also think a lot about tomorrow, about our future value and how our company will survive disruption. Tomorrow is what keeps us awake at night. But let’s face it, most of us don’t think (much) beyond that.”

Hinssen’s speech will help us think creatively of what we need to do on the day after tomorrow, and how to adopt radical ideas, concepts, and notions that can change entire companies, industries, and even the world.

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