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MD, Specialist in Age Management Medicine

Angel is a well-known International specialist in Age Management Medicine. Currently the Medical Director of his own clinic in Madrid, Spain, practising and advising clients on anti-age management practices.

His work focuses on medical fitness and Age Management Medicine, with more than 20 years of experience in the field. He works closely with medical clinics, athletic teams, sports federations and numerous athletes of all levels and categories, including the Spanish Olympic team! Widely known and quoted by the Spanish media and a regular contributor in both medical and health lifestyle magazines and journals, as well as an international speaker in Age Management conferences.

His clientele includes business leaders, executives, athletes, celebrities and anyone interested in developing resilience and achieving a healthy longevity.

About The TALK

THE HEALTHY LEADER: The science of antiage management

The average human lifespan in developed countries has increased by a remarkable 50 years in the past century, mainly driven by the advances in medicine and public hygiene. However, a new challenge has arisen in the 21st century, which is simply to achieve a healthy longevity! How can you achieve that? Angel will analyse how to expand the disease free period of life, and how to enjoy a good life by reducing the age-related pathologies to the final years.

He will also share his ideas about a new medical practice that has emerged: the so-called 7P process. which stands for Preventive, Proactive, Predictive, Personalised, Precise, Participatory and Pleasant – collectively known as the Age Management Medicine.

The enormous amount of scientific publications for each of the above areas has now established the bases of “The Science of Healthy Ageing”. Angel will analyse the latest medical innovations on anti-age management and advise us on how to live longer and better lives. He will share his personal insights on how to build resilience for the healthy leader.

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