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Nicos Savva is Professor of Management Science and Operations; Chair, Management Science and Operations Faculty, London Business School. MA MPhil PhD (Cambridge).

Professor Nicos Savva is an expert in data science, using it to solve operational problems and help large organizations develop data science capabilities. He also advises on the policy implications of algorithms. He regularly consults and works with hospitals, biotech companies, high-tech start-ups, retail firms and hedge funds. He has also taught at The Wharton School, Columbia GSB, and Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. In 2019, he was selected as one of the 40 best business school professors under 40 by Poets & Quants.

What to Expect from the Masterclass

Data Science & AI

  • Designed for senior business leaders, this masterclass will offer an engaging exploration of Data Science, from the impact on Business Analytics to the complexities of Machine Learning and the innovation in Generative AI.

  • We will utilize tangible, real-world examples to demystify and explain these complex technologies, offering insights into their capabilities and drawing attention to their limitations.
  • We will delve into how businesses successfully harness data science to unlock value and the reasons why some falter despite best efforts.

  • A collaborative brainstorming session will allow participants to discuss data science applications relevant to their organizations.

  • The masterclass will culminate with the presentation of a robust framework for assessing the technical feasibility of proposed use cases, empowering leaders to drive data science initiatives in their organizations effectively.


Data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are shaping the world around us.

Through examples, discussion, and hands-on learning, this masterclass will:

  • Demystify what data science and business analytics can do and, perhaps more importantly, what it cannot do
  • Explain how machine learning works and why it needs human input
  • Present recent developments in generative AI (e.g. Chat GTP) and their potential to disrupt knowledge-based work
  • Discuss how companies make use of data science to create value and how they sometimes fail to do so
  • Give you the opportunity to brainstorm with other like-minded professionals on how data science can create value for your business
  • Provide a framework for assessing the technical feasibility of potential use cases and help you anticipate problems
  • Explain why machine learning may lead to discrimination against specific groups
  • Help you develop the vocabulary to discuss data science and identify use cases in your organization

Data Science & AI

with Nicos Savva


10:00 – 13:00


Live in Class
University of Nicosia

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