• A circle will typically host 30 people in one room, a mix of business leaders and policymakers. Each “circle” will host one leading expert who will give a 30-minute talk/analysis of the current situation on the topic discussed. The speaker will highlight the current situation with examples, data and research and offer his personal expertise.
  • A curator/moderator with proven insight and experience will steer the discussion among the audience and speaker and will invite a debate and a sensation of new ideas. Through a curated, solution-driven discussion, LCI circles will facilitate leadership development, peer-to-peer learning and a diverse experience, opinion and expertise for future policies and strategies.
  • Such focused discussion will allow guests to share their struggles, successes and reflections to nurture policies, action plans and solutions for national policy-making and business development. It will also be an excellent networking opportunity. 
  • Speakers will be invited physically if Covid-19 permits, or virtually if not. The rest of the participants will attend physically. Each circle is expected to be a 2-hour session. 

The Long or Short Haul to Economic Recovery

A focused discussion on the current state of the economy, the International & European policy response and what can Cyprus do, to push recovery. How can SME’s cover the lost ground and achieve growth and how can government policies help them do that. What are the threats and opportunities of the new normal and how can Cyprus recover the lost GDP growth imposed by the pandemic.

Banking & Finance: Challenges in the post-pandemic era

The Banking and Finance environment discussed. What has been the impact of the pandemic on the European banking system? The rise of NPL’s and the sustainability of Cyprus banks. Can they finance recovery? Is the banking system at risk and to what extent it can be shielded by the European finance fabric. How can the Cyprus banking and financial system remake, reinvent, respond to the new normal.

Boards and the Virus: Seven Perspectives on the Day After

Sooner or later corporate boards and leaders will emerge from their domestic trenches to rebuild their company’s -and their country’s- economic future. And the future is not what was imagined in pre-corona times. It is a new world of interconnectedness; of macro-political economy; perceptions of risk; consumer preferences; technological acceleration; work organisation and the role of the state. It is the job of the board to map a strategic way forward and assess the threats and opportunities of the new world order. 

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