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Author, Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Host
and Broadcaster on human behaviour

A Chartered Counselling and Health Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with over 20 years of experience in counselling individuals, couples and families. Linda worked both in the NHS and her private practice in the UK. Commonly known and recognized as Dr Linda – due to her numerous TV shows – including BBC’s Good Morning Britain, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and TLC, as well as presenting features for ITV’s This Morning and The One Show. She is a regular commentator on Sky News, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and BBC International. Linda worked with a wide array of brands, corporate and private clients, from pharmaceutical giants to Women’s Empowerment Forums. She talks and counsels on human behaviours, body image, self-esteem, mental health and the impact of social media on mental and cognitive health.

Mental Health at Work with Linda

About The TALK

Mental Health at Work

The pandemic, the lockdowns, the halt of economic and social activity, the great resignation and the comeback at work have done nothing less than exacerbate our levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Remote work during covid led to poor communication practices and often a low sense of connection to or support from one’s colleagues or manager.

The mental health disruption had a great reflection both on the interpersonal as well as the organisational level. Employers were suddenly faced with employees’ burnout, disconnection and low engagement – leading to a lost sense of purpose.

How many employers were able to address the organisational dimension of mental health?

Employers had to shift from seeing mental health as an individual challenge to a collective priority. Given all the workplace factors at play, companies can no longer compartmentalise mental health as an individual’s responsibility to address alone through self-care, mental health days, or employee benefits. New practices require a culture change, more sustainable ways of working that embrace flexibility and a deeper connection between managers and employees.

Is your organisation equipped to handle the emerging disruption amid the health crisis – war – inflation, and coming back to the office?

Are your people resilient and adaptable enough to withstand unpredictable threats and change?


  • How novelty, threat and uncertainty affect individuals and groups
  • The psychology that underpins adaptability
  • How to cope with change
  • How purpose feeds into our identity and work satisfaction
  • Mental hacks to deal with stress/anxiety/well-being
  • Systemic changes to promote resilience and well-being
  • How to thrive rather than just survive change

Mental Health
at Work

with Dr Linda Papadopoulos


11 May 2022

18:00 Networking Cocktail
19:00 LCI Talk


Live on Stage and Online

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